Smart Tips To Handle Wedding Expenses

Smart Tips To Handle Wedding Expenses
20 Jan 2020 04:24pm
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Have you started planning for your wedding? Have you set your wedding budget? Want o make your wedding worth-remembering? Well wedding is a grant affair and involves lots of finances. It is possible that you have limited budget but still want to have grand wedding. At such time, here are some tips that you can consider to handle your wedding expenses:

1. Start A Wedding Fund

As soon as you start earning, it might be a smart idea to start a wedding fund along with an emergency fund. Whether you are a bride or groom, you may have a dream of lavish wedding. Contribute a part of your income to cover your wedding expenses.

2. Prioritize The Budget

The best way to save for your wedding is to get a budget in place. Decide overall budget you are comfortable with. Decide on what you want to spend on each aspect of the wedding expenses such as clothes, venue, food, decoration, etc. Prioritizing how you are going to spend the money budgeted for your wedding will help you figure out the areas where you need to do cost cutting.

3. Save Tons Of Money With Off-Season Wedding

You can cut down the costs simply by choosing dates during off season. This would help you to get huge discounts on everything from venues to caterers.

4. Hire A Professional Wedding Planner

Planning for wedding can be quite stressful as it requires lots of time and patience. When it comes to planning and execution required for doing wedding arrangements, hiring a professional wedding planner can help you greatly. Find the one who understands your budget considerations and can work with it.

5. Cut Back On Guest List

Invite guests who are really important and close to you and you really want to be present on your special day. You can cut down the wedding costs in a huge number by not having large guest list.

6. Go Digital And Save On Wedding Stationary

Welcome the change that digital world has come to your life by sending emails or electronic invitations for your wedding. Electronic invites look smart and they are inexpensive.

7. Look For Alternative Wedding Venues

It is not necessary that your wedding venue needs to be expensive in a 5 star hotel. It can be a beach or even a farm house. Look at the conventional options that can help you get better rates on locations.

8. Avoid The Concept Of Multiple Venues

Avoid booking for different venues for different wedding functions. Try to have different ceremonies in the same location. This would help in cutting on decoration, accommodation and transportation costs.

9. Bargain Or Look For Alternatives For Wedding Attire And Jewelry

Rather than buying expensive wedding clothes and jewelry, you can consider having latest and trendy wedding attire as well as jewelry on rent, using both offline and online ways. If you have to buy, look for discounts and offers available at various online and offline stores.

10. Design And Decorate Smartly

Designing and decoration for a wedding can be really expensive. However, if you smartly plan things then it offers great savings. Flower based decorations can be costly, consider cheaper options such as plants, candles and paper. They are not just inexpensive but can be innovative at the same time. So do not shy away from doing experiments and let you guests see your creativity.

11. Emphasize On Quality Over Quantity

Weddings are notoriously wasteful when it comes to food. Be smart with choosing the menu and stick to quality food over quantity. Include the dish that everyone loves to eat and do not experiment with a number of new and exciting food options. Keep your food choices as simple and as short as you can.

12. Pick Photographers And Djs Smartly

Don’t buy expensive wedding photography packages that you might not work for you. Book a photographer who will provide the exact service based on your need. Ask your family or friends who know any DJ personally and help you get the better deal.

13. Skip The Saturday Wedding

Saturday is not just the most popular day but the most expensive day to get married. You can reserve your venue for the week day at a lower price than having your wedding on the expensive Saturday.

14. Try Out A Non-Traditional Venue

Picking a spot like a restaurant, brewery or a vacation house that doesn’t usually cater to wedding can help you save money. These places don’t much charge for a venue and instead you pay only for the food. Make sure the venue you are choosing is well-equipped and can handle a large event like wedding.

15. Negotiate Unexpected Costs

It is likely possible that unexpected expenses can pop up during planning and executing process, including cake cutting, power for a photo booth or DJ, corkage fee, etc. You don’t need to accept them without questioning and just ask for negotiations or simply request to have it removed.

16. Be Specific About Venue’s Resources

Be specific about what all resources are included in the wedding venue such as tables, chairs, lighting, serving dishes, etc. Some essential things that are not included in the venue you will likely to get them on rent.

17. Get Your Wedding Dress On Rent

Getting your wedding outfit on rent is the budget-friendly option for the bride or groom who is willing to save money. Check for websites that provide thousands of options for wedding outfits on rent and pick the best one for your special day.

18. Draft Your Financial Situation In Detail

Finance is the bottom line for your wedding event. For organizing a successful and grand wedding you need to be backed up with convenient funds to arrange the wedding of your dreams. While creating a budget for your wedding, just look into your financial condition and list down how much money you have in all your bank accounts. Divide each and every segment of your wedding and attach a personalized budget to them.

19. Make Off-Season Purchase

As we all know that costs of wedding outfits and other accessories related to the wedding costs more in a popular season. Keeping this in mind, try to shop your wedding attire in off season. You may be lucky to get your outfit at a 50% discount. It can be a best time to buy a great dress from your desired brands.

20. Go With The Season

Buying n off-season flower for decoration could prove costly. Therefore, it is necessary to go with the season. The same goes for the fruits and vegetables. Having off-season food items can be costly and you can easily cut down the costs by going with the season.

21. Plan Your Honeymoon

Honeymoon is the most important part of your wedding ideas. It is the best time to know your partner and bond closely. Planning your honeymoon together with your partner will make you understand each other preferences and taste.

22. Don’t Be A Miser

It is essential to do your honest best. Do not say no to the ideas that you might regret for not executing. Book a decent party hall where your entire guests can sit and spend time comfortably, you should have spacious and comfortable seating arrangement and air conditioned hall. Make sure the wedding menu has decent amount of cuisines which your guests can relish and there are enough options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Just don’t go overboard with any expense.

23. Respect Your Parent’s Advice On Expenses

Think about the money that goes into your wedding and when your parents talk about the expenses for wedding jewelry and outfits, just do not put them down. Your parents love you the most and are waiting for the special day of your life, so you should respect their ideas of cutting down the costs of wedding jewelry and outfits. Make some savings for your wedding beforehand, so you don’t have to compromise on anything.

24. Make Connections

If you have attended your friend’s wedding and liked the food, go and talk to the caterers and take their contact. Give them some small orders for small functions at home to build connection. A familiar catering service will offer you best food at a best possible rate. The same goes with photographer, DJ, etc. The right connections help in reducing wedding costs by a surprising margin.

25. Borrow From Other Newlyweds

Ask recently married friends and cousins if you can borrow centerpieces or other items left over from their events. Some social media sites serve as a best resource to find low-cost wedding décor.

26. Simplify Your Drink Options

It can be pricey to have an open bar stocked with liquor, beers, mixers and wine. Consider sticking to beer and wine to save money while keeping your guests happy and hydrated. For further cost cutting on drinks, ask the bar tender to serve liquor to the guests in smaller glasses.

27. Go For A Shorter Cake

The more tiers on your cake, the more expensive it will be. You can stick on two or three tier cake which is not just affordable but looks beautiful and cute as well. Pick up a simple design that is easy to make with a few decorations and your guest won’t mind having it until it is delicious in taste.

28. Say No To Bread Baskets

Skip the bread baskets on your dinner table. This way you will not only save hundreds from the bill, but also let your guests eat the plated meal you are paying for.

29. Go For RSVP Smarter

Have guests RSVP on your wedding website or app instead of on a reply card. This will help in saving the cost of paper and postage and you are more likely to get quick responses from the majority of guests.

30. Get Discounts In Exchange For Honest Feedbacks

Ask for vendors if they are willing to offer a discount in exchange for an honest feedback on their online testimonial.