Emergency Loans

Beautiful landscapes, exciting road trips, chilling winter, Northern lights and diversity of people are the things that have made Canada a very popular country. It has a population of over 36.71 million people. Canada is the second largest country in the world, which occupies the northern two-fifths of the continent of North America. Many Canadians depend on external financing to afford their living and some unexpected emergencies.

It has been observed that emergency can come at any point of time in anyone’s and everyone’s life. One just can’t predict its arrival. Whenever it comes, one has to handle it on urgent basis. With limited funds in hands, it becomes really hard to cover emergency expenses on time. At such time, applying for a loan is what comes to your mind.

Finding a direction that can help you with a right loan? At Payday Tree we will help you find the right emergency loan deal by the top loan providers of Canada. Emergency loans can help you deal with bad financial situations. They offer you immediate financing at a best possible rate, which won’t hurt your pocket.

Emergency loans can be used for-
  • Handling small unexpected medical expenses
  • Paying utility bills
  • Handling sudden cat breakdown expense
  • Paying for child’s education fees etc.

There are many worse situations that you face in life when you may require emergency loans. Typically a cash loan can be used for covering a short-term cash-flow problem. These are available for people who have encountered an unexpected emergency in their life. Money obtained with emergency loans is required to be repaid over a shorter period of time. These kinds of loans may have high interest rates than longer term loans.

At Payday Tree, we work with a network of trusted and legitimate Canadian lenders that offer emergency loans at competitive rates. Quick financing is what one may expect to get from such loans. Funds will be directly credited to borrower’s checking account upon loan approval.

Depending on individual’s circumstances and needs, you may able to get these loans through your bank, credit union or online. Emergency loans are easy to apply online. All you need to do is complete a two-minute online application and get the financing you need in a hassle-free manner.

Despite having the higher cost of living, Canada ranks at top amongst the countries with the highest quality of life. Wondering whether you will be able to get a loan with low or bad credit? Yes it is possible to get an emergency loan with bad credit. There are several emergency loan providers that you can find at Payday Tree who will still be able to approve you a loan, despite your unpleasant credit score. Come to us and use our comparison tools carefully to find the right lender for your requirements.

Spare few minutes of your time to check out different emergency loan options from different reputed lenders and find the one that’s most compatible for your current situation. Compare from numerous options in just few clicks of mouse and apply to a qualified emergency loan by clicking “Apply Now” next to their name.

One of the hardest fights that an applicant has to go through is finding the right information about a loan. Anything and everything about emergency loans can be accessed at Payday Tree. Here we will do our best to help you pick up the most suitable emergency loan provider, suiting your requirements.

Know everything about emergency loans-

Emergency loans are a short-term financing option. Thanks to these loans you can able to combat the issue of unexpected expenses with ease. They are meant for those middle-class working people who always get into trouble because of extended expenses. When you need the cash fast, you will need to get an emergency loan.

These loans can be applied through banks, credit unions and even online. Online applications are the most convenient and fast method of obtaining the cash you need. Repayment term for loans usually last for few weeks or one month. This kind of loan is even shorter than any other kinds of short-term financing. In the market, you may find different types of emergency loans to choose from.

Types of emergency loans-

There are several emergency loan options available, including:

Payday Loans

Payday loans are fast yet expensive loans. They are meant to get through your next paycheck. APRs on payday loans are also very high, and full repayment is usually due from 2 to 4 weeks.

Fast Online Loans

You can get a fast loan online if you need extra cash urgently. Many online loans are processed in hours. Funds generally transferred to borrower’s bank account by the next business day. The rates they will offer are also far better than the rates you can get with payday loans

Credit Card Advances

Credit cards can be used for cash advances. For that, you simply need to transfer money from your credit card into your checking account. This is an instant financing option, but quite expensive one.

Pawn Shop Loans

Pawn shop loans are fast personal loans. In order to get a secure fast loan, you need to provide a valuable item as collateral.

Know the reason behind taking up a small loan-

Whenever you get stuck with unexpected financial emergency, applying for emergency loan is what that comes to your mind. When you don’t have enough funds to cover your urgent expenses, you will most likely to resort to asking your close friends and family first. If it fails, there is no faster way to get the required cash than getting an emergency loan.

Any type of emergency can be covered with an insurance, but sometimes insurance is either too slow or inadequate. This is when quick emergency loans become the great financial option that can be used to handle emergency expenses with ease.

Getting an emergency loan with bad credit-

Yes it is possible to get a loan even with bad credit. No matter how bad your credit rating is, you can still qualify for an emergency loan with bad credit. Having a poor credit score is not a huge barrier to getting a loan. However, you will be charged much higher interest rate if your credit score is too low.

Know how to get instant approval emergency loans-

Instant approval lenders are the most fastest and guaranteed lenders, which are generally payday lenders themselves. On the other hand, installment lenders can be fast, but they can’t approve and provide a loan as fast as payday lenders.

However, the terms you will receive with a payday loan are not ideal as they are the fastest option you can access to. During emergency, payday loans will do the job of covering near-immediate expenses. You can apply online if you need instant approval for an emergency loan.

Instant approval emergency loans are generally applied online with easy application process which takes:
  • Few minutes to apply
  • Assessed in shortest possible time
  • It takes few hours for the money to get directly deposited into borrower’s account


Need money fast? What type of emergency loan is suitable to apply?

If you want quick money with instant approval, then online instant approval payday loans will be your first preference. These loans will have higher rates, but they offer unmatched speed with funds available in least possible time.

What are the alternatives for emergency loans when you need money fast?

Begin searching for financial help right from your home and people you trust the most. Your loved ones might be willing to help you during emergency and they won’t charge you interest the way lenders do.

Are there no-credit check emergency loans?

No there is no such thing like no-credit check. All online payday lenders do perform credit checks before approving you a loan. Though, they can approve you loan even if you have poor or low credit score. They do check your credit rating just to know about your repayment capability and flexibility.

How fast can I get a loan in an emergency?

Payday lenders can help you get a loan for handling unplanned emergencies within hours of applying or by next business day.

How to get a cash loan?

Step 1- Choose the desired amount and repayment term of the loan

Step 2- Fill in the online application form with accurate and correct details

Step 3- Receive a quick decision by the lender. Once approved, get the cash directly into your account in few hours.